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How long does it take to receive my funds?

How quickly can I get set up with Equepay?

How quickly can I get set up with Equepay?

Can I change my pricing plan?

What Plans do you offer?

Can I accept payments online?

Is there a contract?

What is Cash Discounting?

Can my business offer Cash Discounting?

How does Interchange Plus pricing work?

What are the wholesale rates from Visa/MasterCard/Discover/Amex?

How does flat rate pricing work?

What are my equipment options?

What is PCI?

Can I use my current POS System?

Does Equepay offer mobile and online payment solutions?

How is Equepay different from other funding providers?

What information do you use to assess my prequalification request?

Will filling out a prequalification request affect my credit score?

How does business credit affect funding decisions?

What does it mean when a funding provider asks for collateral?

What is a personal Guaranty?

If I switch bank accounts, how long will it take for my payments or remittances to come out?

How Do I Get Paid For Transactions Made With My ATM?

Do I Need to Fill My ATM With My Own Cash?

How Often Do ATM Machines Need to Be Refilled?

Can My ATM Work On My WiFi?

What Types of Cards Can My ATM Accept?

Why Do I Need an ATM For My Business?

Are ATM Machines Expensive?

How Hard is it to Break Into an ATM Machine?

What Happens if My ATM is Damaged or Burglarized?

How Do I Keep My Debit Card Safe When Using an ATM?

How Do I Get My ATM Serviced?

What ATM Parts & Supplies Do I Need?

What Is The Warranty On A New ATM?

Equepay is a credit card processor that is focused on providing deep savings on your credit processing as well as revenue generating solutions for your business.

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